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We may be a little biased, but we believe that rhythmic gymnastics is the most beautiful sports in the world! It combines the elegance of ballet and dance, the strength and power of artistic gymnastics, and the incredible flexibility and apparatus handling born from circus arts together into the most amazing combination of sport and art.

At elite levels, gymnasts compete individually, or in groups of 5, but there are so many levels and ways to participate in our sport, and you can experience many of them with Adamo!

Adamo means passion in Latin, and at Adamo our passion is rhythmic gymnastics. Everything that we do is an expression of our passion for this sport. Our coaches are all former gymnasts, and actively share their passions with the gymnasts they coach. Adamo Rhythmic Gymnastics strives to immerse our gymnasts in a world of gymnastics where they can truly feel the passion for gymnastics and sport!

We offer recreational programs where gymnasts can catch the SPIRIT of rhythmics, join in the EXCITEment of our sport, and IGNITE their love for rhythmics. As gymnasts move into our performance levels, they become part of the JOY of performing, DREAM of the places they can go with the sport, and INSPIRE others to do the same! Our recreational and performance gymnasts work as a team of 6 to 10 gymnasts to learn new skills, collaborate on amazing team skills, and grow as a group. We also have a wonderful low-stress “pre-competitive” class that provides gymnasts the opportunity to work on individual skills and routines and also in small groups.

All of our classes are taught by CAC Certified coaches, who are certified in the National Coaching Certification Program, and these coaches are constantly improving their skills by attending workshops, and also by actively participating as pre-competitive and competitive level judges! Meet our coaches by clicking here.

Adamo Rhythmic Gymnastics is a proud member of Gymnastics Saskatchewan and Gymnastics Canada. All members pay a membership fee as part of their registration, in order to be registered with both federations. Support from our provincial and national sport organizations help us provide a high level of insurance, receive support from superb technical advisors, attend incredible events, and be part of the larger gymnastics community. We have many wonderful connections with other rhythmic and artistic gymnastics clubs across the province, and all over Canada, and it is through these relationships that we become better!

We strive to make your family’s experience in our club the best it can be! We are a family here at Adamo, and our coaches and teams often collaborate to create unique programming, choreography and opportunities for you and your child to feel part of a team.


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