Martial Gym


11037143_955177894504990_7997988731300264314_nOur programs is inspired by those existing in Japan, and those created by Mario Lam and the LHBF MartialGym Centre in Vancouver, BC. The goal of our program is to instruct young boys and girls in physical literacy and fundamental movement skills of the sport of gymnastics so that they may gain strength, courage, and confidence in their own abilities, and be able to apply them to men’s rhythmic gymnastics and a variety of other sports.

For Boys & Girls in Grades 1 +

The introductory level of martial gym is our Ignite class. 

11694807_955178544504925_7974038690226230479_nGoals for this class include:

  • Learning basic gymnastics and movement skills, including pre-acrobatics (introductory tumbling and partner acrobatics) and martial arts basic movement patterns
  • Working with traditional and Japanese men’s rhythmic gymnastics equipment to develop new skills
  • Learning creative group routines with a group of team mates
  • Developing physical literacy
  • Igniting the spirit of gymnastics

Commitment of 1 hour per week. 

Gymnasts will perform in our Adamo shows, and may travel to one event outside Regina.

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Sample of young boys doing Martial Gym

University Level Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics